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Dragon Dream Team

Coach &  Festival Coordinator

Ohio’s first group of breast cancer survivors participating in the team paddling sport of dragon boating. We are women of all ages and backgrounds, from newly diagnosed to long-time survivors. Our mission is to support and care for each other and send an important message of hope.

Firestone Park YMCA

Advisory Board Member

As one of the area's largest providers of childcare, the Firestone Park YMCA offers before and after school care and a summer day camp program, while also collaborating with community organizations to provide childcare off-site for school-age children.

Empower Little Heroes

Directly helps Cleveland Clinic Children’s Child Life Services educate, calm, and distract young patients before, during, and after difficult medical procedures! This may include: Therapeutic Play Activities, Medical Equipment Play Time, Support for Siblings and Facility Dog Program. Click HERE to learn more about this program.

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